ज्योतिष मेंढक

एक बूढ़ा हरा मेंढक ही इन आग की लपटों को देख पा रहा हैं, गहरे लाल रंग की आग .. उसे भविष्यवाणी का बड़ा शौक था, उसका सपना अब सच हो रहा हैं जब-जब उसकी भविष्यवाणी सही होती दिखती हैं पर अन्य शक्तियों के संपर्क में आकर उसने अपने ज्योतिष का ज्ञान छोड़ना स्वीकार कर पुनः उसने मुझे अपना वारिस चुना था फिर ज्योतिषी होने के सारे प्रयोग मुझी पर क्यों कर रहा हैं | भूल मत मैं तेरे साथ पाताल में भ्रमण करने गया था जहां शैतानो और देवी देवताओं के कंकालो को सम्भोग करते देखकर आया हूँ| ग्रेगरी की तीसरी किताब में लिखा था की उस बूढ़े हरे मेंढक का मूत ही उस ज्योतिष के प्रभाव को कम कर सकता हैं | पर ज्योतिष के प्रभाव में आने से ग्रेगरी का मूत सुखकर अनगिनत हरे शुक्राणुओं में बदल गया हैं |


Ashok Meena was born and brought up in a small village in Rajasthan and saw the face of a
city only in his teens. He began his filmmaking journey in his early college days when he
travelled across the country with a camcorder, thanks to a job by an independent producer.
He later went on to study cinematography at the Film and Television Institute of India. He
trained further under the tutelage of auteur filmmaker Kamal Swaroop, as the
cinematographer of his film, Pushkar Puran. He has been keeping his passion for cinema,
more so for documentary films alive by collaborating on various independent projects. He has also shot several independent feature films, ads and music videos. 



We are a team from Film & Television Institute of India, NSD, and Delhi College of Engineering/NSIT, and are working on an independent movie project shot in chilling winters of Ladakh.


The movie talks about a person revisiting his childhood hometown of Leh after many years spent in the city. He meets many characters in his 2 nights in Leh, which invoke feelings of belonging, home, and roots in him. The experience nudges the character to wonder about the frailty of life and helps him reflect on an inner journey from the touching experiences.


We have completed the production of the movie and reaching out for help to complete the post-production processes.


The processes will include editing, sound design and color correction, and other remaining aspects of filmmaking.

The money raised will help us complete our project.










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